Slice (slice14414) wrote in tickle_me_slice,


I wander at night in fear of sleeping....what will I see? What will slip into my dreams unwanted in the darkness? Everyday someone has some dream to tell about and I want to trade, would give anything to trade, a dream of their's for two nightmares of mine....there are some where I die.....there are some where we all die....There's a point in my dreams where they become true and that's what's so maddening! That I don't know which dreams are going to become a reality and which are simply dreams.....some dreams I think are only dreams but I'm wrong....they just take a bit longer to play out than the others...what did I do to have this curse? To know these things that I don't wish to live in torment.....I must have done something for it wasn't always this way.....not always....
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