Slice (slice14414) wrote in tickle_me_slice,

[mood| thankful]


Even with your braces on
Your smile was warm and beautiful
Your eyes shine with a kind glow
Your muscles aren't overwhelming
But they're enough to make you look strong
You have a defined jaw
And your clothes are adorably strange
You are, by far, the most handsome guy I've met
Both inside and out
You are sensitive and kind
And you are not afraid to let it show
You have such wisdom and deep thoughts
It sometimes surprises me
Your intelligence astounds me
And appears often when you speak
You are straight forward and direct
You are in no way afraid to speak your mind
You are romantic and are terrified of being crushed
Though no one can tell you're afraid
You're the most amazing personI've ever encountered
And I am so grateful to know you
And be able to speak to you

*draws fan-girly hearts*
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