Slice (slice14414) wrote in tickle_me_slice,

[mood| hopeful]

I Hope

I hope you never hurt
I hope you never need to cry
I hope you find true love
And have courage that will never die.

I hope you will always be happy
I hope you learn from my mistakes
I hope you are sucessful
And you always know which path to take.

I know you will be hurt
I know you will shed tears
I know you will have a broken heart
And your courage will fail you at least once in your years.

I know sometimes you'll be sad
I know you'll ignore me at any cost
I know sometimes you will fail
And that there will be times you are lost.

I will be there to guide you
I will be here to lead the way
I will fight your battles as long as I can
Because by your side is where I'll always stay.
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